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Releasing The Latter Rain - BOOK

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The former and the latter rain were covenant blessings that God promised the children of Israel. These blessings determined whether they lived in seasons of famine, poverty and hardship, or in abundance and prosperity. There are seasons of rain and it is important for you to be able to discern prophetic calendars and seasons and take advantage of them. The outpouring of the latter rain is the empowerment of the Spirit of God that supernaturally enables His people to fulfill His plans and purposes for their lives. This book will give you a revelation on the God of covenant, the difference between Egypt and the promised land, the causes of a barren ground, the signs and symptoms of a barren ground, how to deal with a barren ground, the power of women, the causes of open and closed heavens, how to keep your heavens opened, the time of rain, prophetic actions, the purpose of the latter rain, physical, spiritual and financial rain and much more. There are different dimensions of rain and they all have to be released into your life for the manifestation of your prophetic destiny. The measure of your harvest is determined by the measure of Rain Released! This book is a masterpiece and a must have for all who want to fulfill their prophetic destiny. Order your copy now and enjoy the blessings of the latter rain!

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